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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hannibal Of Carthage

In the history of military generals and commanders, there have been many great ones. Without a doubt Hannibal was truly one of the greatest. No one hated the Romans more, and this hatred (which was passed down from his father) would fuel a fire that would become the Romans greatest nightmare. No one would ever stick it to the Romans like Hannibal. Long after his demise his name still brought fear to the people of Rome, his legend would become Rome’s "boogieman. For generations to come children were told at bed time "go to sleep little one or Hannibal will get you", or another phrase roman parents to scare their kids into minding would be "Hannibal is at the gates", but the day Hannibal truly was at the gates it sent waves of terror through the bodies of every man, woman and child in the city. With his name (Barca) meaning lightening you know Hannibal was destined to have his name forever engraved in the pages of history.

Monday, April 9, 2012


One thing I have learned while studying the writing business, anything that has “wiki” means it is written by volunteer writers. In my mind wiki is like the twilight zone, It just doesn’t add up. The facts are always 95% of the time correct and the articles are always helpful, not what I expect from volunteer writers. Where do all of these “volunteers” come from? There is nothing I would love more than to spend all my time helping others but if I do that my lights get shut off, I lose my hot water and the kids and I starve to death. Nothing cost nothing and nobody does something for nothing. This is a philosophy taught to kids when they are young. In america we have adopted and accepted the "greed is good" philosophy. But in the wiki world its flip flopped and all of a sudden you have people coming out of the woodwork to write for nothing with out any form of compensation, it's the twilight zone. What am I missing?